Exams are a great strategy to earn credit if you are comfortable with standardized exams and have prior knowledge of the exam subject area. NOTE, these tests do not replace the required upper division core courses.


Warner Pacific serves as a test center for DSST exams. Each institution independently creates exam calendars and proctors exams; DSST has no record of this information until each exam is launched in our computer lab and results are transmitted 在线.

亚博体育不提供CLEP考试.  For students needing to take a CLEP exam, please visit the 美国大学理事会网站 寻找波特兰地区的地点.

请 contact CLEP or DSST with questions regarding your exam or your scores.


DSST exams are available for 在线 registration. 请 click “next” after reviewing the testing fee information (which will also be in your confirmation email).


请与PGS记录办公室联系 pgsrecords@xssys.net 或致电503-517-1567咨询.



  • $25 nonrefundable site fee due at least two weeks prior to the testing day
  • $100 testing fee payable on testing day (by credit card only)


Pay site fees 在线, by phone, through the mail, or in person.

请 note: Your seat will be reserved after confirmation of site fee payment is received from Student Financial Services.

在线支付: http://warnerpacific.regfox.com/online-payment-form

Phone payment: 请 contact Student Financial Services at 503-517-1207.

Mail to: Warner Pacific, Student Financial Services, 2219 SE 68th 大街.俄勒冈州波特兰97215


请 be aware that you are responsible for selecting the correct exam, 由你和你的学术顾问决定.

  • If you are uncertain which exam you should select, please contact your Academic Advisor before confirming your exam registration.
  • 不确定你的学术顾问是谁? Contact us at 503-517-1550 to be directed to the right person.

亚博体育 and its employees are not responsible if you choose an incorrect exam. Your Academic Advisor’s responsibility is to assist you with the setting, 规划, and reaching educational goals but the final responsibility for meeting all academic and graduation requirements rests with you.


You will be taking your exam at the following location:

波特兰,OR 97215

You will receive a confirmation email that will include information about the exam fees.



亚博体育考试的问题? 请阅读下面的常见问题解答.


Study materials are available and listed on the DSST website. You can track these down through your library or purchase study guides directly through DSST.


DSST is a testing organization we use to award credit through standardized exams. 点击这里查看 www.getcollegecredit.com.


如果你对增加考试感兴趣, your first step is to research the titles that interest you and go to the DSST website.  然后, connect with your advisor about the titles you are considering, and they will talk you through the exam process.


Exams are a great strategy to earn credit if you are comfortable with standardized exams and have prior knowledge in the exam subject area.  If you have any measure of test anxiety, this is not a good option for you.  There is some risk—you will need to post a passing score and be self-disciplined to map out study time to prepare, 安排考试时间 and follow up to make sure the official transcript posts.  You also need to pay for the exam—either out of pocket or by saving your excess funds and using those to cover the site fee and exam fee. All exams must be completed at least 60 days prior to graduation to allow time for us to receive official scores.


CLEP tests are no longer offered at 亚博体育. 请浏览CLEP网站 www.美国大学.org to determine the most convenient testing location for you. You will need to contact the testing location directly to arrange a test time. Make sure to send your official transcripts to the WPU Records Office to be entered onto your academic record.


每次DSST考试费用为125美元. This includes a $25 non-refundable site fee to cover the administrative costs of testing, payable to WPU at the time you 报名参加考试. The balance of $100 is due directly to DSST and will be paid by credit card within the testing platform on the day of the exam.


DSST exams are usually multiple choice, timed, and administered at a computer terminal. A score of 70% or better is considered passing and the results are not included in your GPA. If you do not post a score of 70% or better, you do not earn credit for the exam.

If you are considering exams as part of your strategy to complete degree requirements, you need to review the exam list for titles that interest you and that do not overlap in content in an area for which you have already received credit or will receive credit. There are many titles to choose from that will address core (general eds) and titles that will address electives only. You are strongly advised to review all exam titles with your academic advisor before completing an exam especially if you are testing to earn credit in a core (general ed) area.


The DSST testing location is our Mt Tabor campus in SE Portland.  请 报名参加考试 在线.